Celeron SR




HIGHLY ABSORBABLE & EFFECTIVE COQ10: MicroActive CoQ10-SR supplement is 3x better absorbed than regular CoQ10, delivers sustained release over 24 hours and can help double CoQ10 levels over 3 weeks. If you are looking for an extra strength and highly absorbable CoQ10 supplement, then try CoQ10-SR.

SUPPORTS CARDIOVASCULAR, IMMUNE, ENERGY & HEART HEALTH: CoQ10 has shown to help support cardiovascular and heart health, immune system and energy. Celeron SR has clinically shown to have superior absorption and effectiveness compared to CoQ10. 

MICROACTIVE COQ10: Celeron SR features MicroActive CoQ10, which delivers CoQ10 in a special micronized, sustained-release matrix. Not only does MicroActive Q10 have 3x better bioavailability than regular CoQ10, it is released over 24 hours. This means the CoQ10 stays your blood longer and is therefore active longer.

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